Also, I did really love that Cybersix icon I had up for a few days, but I couldn’t not put this one of myself up. I love it.

I’ll put C6 up again if and when I get tired of this one which may or may not be a while from now.

once and for all we won’t carry no banners that don’t spell f r e e d o m   

I had a very nice 18th Birthday overall! It was a fairly quiet day spent at home, and I am actually pretty glad for that. I think I have caught my mother’s awful cold she had last week, because my throat is very sore and the ache in my head is getting progressively worse. I’m celebrating my Birthday with my family on Saturday thankfully, because Sam will be home again, and I think he’ll appreciate that he didn’t have to make the food like he always does at University!

As for today, I slept in much longer than I probably should have, and by the time I woke up, my dad came in from work and asked if I would like to go to lunch with him, which was very good. After that, I spent some time reviewing my online course material, which I’m actually enjoying! I’m currently working on my English ISP and I’m glad I asked for some extra time to get it finished because I think I’ve done a really nice job it so far. Tomorrow I’ll be heading to the library and getting some books to read for it.

Despite the quietness of the day, I enjoyed being able to talk to some friends who wished me Happy Birthday. I really miss them and I can’t wait for them to come home again, even though I celebrated my Birthday with some of them on Saturday. It’s always nice to hear from my friends whenever they get time because I’m not usually doing too much at home or work!

I also got a call from two other friends this morning who were wishing me a Happy Birthday, which was an awesome surprise! I haven’t seen them in so long.They did use their school phone, so I couldn’t actually tell who I was talking to until I had to ask Nick for his last name. It was pretty funny but I really appreciated that they thought to call me today! :)

The only thing bothering me (besides my worsening cold) is that I didn’t get to the gym today (again…), which leaves me five days behind where I’m supposed to be. If I’m there tomorrow I’ll have to put in my all if I want to catch up!

Anyway, I still have to find one more citation for Margaret Atwood’s Surfacing that I can relate to Coming of Age. I’m hoping I can find one soon, because I would like to watch Pacific Rim tonight (if I’m not too tired)!

then/now - courfeyrac

two out of twelve

then/now - courfeyrac

two out of twelve

then/now - combeferre

three out of twelve

then/now - combeferre

three out of twelve


and remember the truth that once was spoken: this line’s the one you’ll cry at every single fucking time


les misérables movie meme

nine characters: combeferre (6/9)

"Combeferre, the furious one, was from the South."


im right now imagining, like, enjolras and grantaire are arguing and grantaire suddenly bellows “CITATIOn!” and enjolras just roars back, “COMBEFERRE!!!” and combeferre sighs long-sufferingly and starts reciting all of enjolras’s sources as he stands by triumphantly




science side of tumblr what is the point of moths like what do they to contribute to the world

Some species of moths are night-time pollinators - they take over when butterflies and other bugs get off work. They also add beauty! And honestly, a living thing doesn’t have to have “a point” from a human perspective to be worthy of its life.

Combeferre noises